July 06 2012 Friday at 12:13 AM

Bold Statement Jewelry

This spring, bold statement jewelry is hotter than ever.  From chunky necklaces to jeweled cuffs and huge earrings, the trend is still riding high from the runway shows to the jewelry stores.  The longest lasting bold trend is the “statement ring”.  From flowers to oversized gemstones, statement rings can really pull-together the look of any outfit.  

A bold statement ring really draws in the eye and makes the piece the center of attention.  A chunky bright piece is a great addition to any jewelry collection, giving the wearing a unique, yet timeless style.  Look for pieces with interesting details, like jewels and colors, to really up your jewelry’s “wow” factor.    

The bolder the color, the bigger the statement will be with this sterling silver and gold Esmerelda with zirconia detail, available at CosyCorporation.com.  The bright green hue is perfect to brighten up any spring outfit and will evoke a feeling of confident style.